Customer Care and Maintenance

Auphan Customer Care Support and Maintenace Program provides the coverage you need so you're ready to handle any situation.

Technical Customer Support

24/7 Remote Internet Support

 Telephone & Email Support
 Emergency Help Line 24/7 
 Software Updates & Features
 Software Support and Training
 Product specialist training for new features
*Onsite Support in serviceable areas
*Reinstallation services in serviceable areas
**Hardware warranty and replacement

Value Added Services

Online Services

We want to provide new operators the opportunity to get their business started hassle free. Therefore, we've added our online services into your support so you can take advantage of the great savings and features our software has to offer.

Offsite Backup

Weekly and Daily Backups Available

  Scheduled remote backups
  Reduces disaster recovery time if your hardware breaks, damages, or is stolen from your store.