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Oftendining.com Mobile Friendly Improvements

We are excited to announce that there will be new improvements to Oftendining.com in the next few months. These changes will affect all customers using the site for online ordering. In efforts to make the site more mobile-friendly and continue PCI compliance for online transactions. All merchants will see a new design for their existing web store. This improvement will allow your customers to easily order on their mobile device. We believe this change will move customers forward to a seamless mobile friendly payment solution.


Posted July 2, 2016

Auphan Software Shares Local Roots with Businesses

Auphan Software supports local and international businesses by providing new and innovative technology to independent and growing organizations. Check out some of our well known customers who've embraced new technology into their daily operations.

TechVibes: Blenz and Vijs Share Local Roots and Local Technology

Auphan Offers Surveillance Systems on Your Mobile Device

Auphan is pleased to offer POS integration and mobile integration with Nuuo Surveillance Systems. The Nuuo Main Console System provides top of the line video recording software to support IP cameras. It can display live video or stream videos from multiple IP Cameras to the Nuuo Live Viewer Program, or onto any mobile device (iphone-iOs, Android, and Blackberry) thus giving operator’s full security and surveillance over their establishment.

The Nuuo Camera System offers an impressive range of high tech functionalities that include: motion detection, foreign object detection, email and telephone alerts, infrared and low light switching for facial detail display in the dark and more. Customers can integrate their Auphan POS system with the Nuuo Surveillance System to display text image of employee transactions while recording all entries on the point of sale. Transactions such as deletes, refunds, payments and more are displayed in text and imbedded into the video for future playback. This allows operators the ability to identify shrinkage, theft, or suspicious activities done.

Interactive Customer Menupad for Customers

Auphan’s Menupad is a customizable and interactive menu using the iPad. It replaces paper based menus and offers a simple interactive way for customers to see your menu digitally.

Auphan’s Menupad lets operators easily update and upload food, drink images, menu descriptions, and control a branded interactive area to display promotions, advertisements and more. We help you improve your guest experience. Auphan’s Menupad allows customers to self-order and provide servers the option to order for the customer, while offering a visual appeal.

Software New User Interface and Resolution Improvements

Auphan software has recently released their new user interface and resolution for Auphan POS systems. The resolution has increased to 1024x768, maximizing different screen sizes. This allows users to view Auphan’s front and back end ordering system on larger monitors with added clarity, crispness, and color.

The entire ordering frame and buttons have been enhanced to have a 3 dimensional appearance. Quick access keys have been added in for on the login page for operators to access reports and management. In the management area, the font size on the main window has increased when user’s login onsite or remotely to view reports and perform back office functions.

PCI PA-DSS Compliant Update for Integrated Processing

On July 1, 2010 all merchants in Canada and United States using an integrated payment processing solution are required by the Visa Mandate to be upgraded to a PCI Compliant Software version.

During this time we are contacting and performing updates for all clients that are using integrated payment processing. Those who have not been contacted about this update please contact our office prior this date to ensure you are up-to-date with these new requirements for your system. Customers who are not on support please contact us to obtain a PCI Compliant version of our software before July 1 to comply with these new regulations. We are committed in the ongoing development to ensure your business and your customer's information is safe and meets these security standards.

Auphan Deploys POS Software in Asia's Tallest Tower

Auphan POS Systems is proud to be installed at the new Canton Tower, in Guanzhou China. Auphan POS is installed at all restaurants and food courts inside one of Asia's tallest TV Tower.

Standing at 600m high, the Canton sightseeing and TV tower is among the top 10 world's tallest tower constructed in September 2010. Hosting the 2010 Asian Games, the newly constructed TV Tower was the center point for festivities attracting 10,000 visitors daily. The towers interior is subdivided to host various activities that include TV and radio transmission facilities, public site seeing observatory deck, restaurant, and food court facilities, computer gaming, exhibition space, conference room, shops, and 4D cinema. At night, the tower illuminates and emits color changing lights across the height of the tower using LED technology.

The Canton TV Tower utilizes Auphan's Table Service, Quick Service, and iPod Handheld functionalities inside the rotating restaurant, buffet dining area, and food courts. This ambition development has some of the most technology advanced designs and is documented in The National Geographic's Mega Structures: World Tallest TV Tower, which covers the process of building this complex and exceptional building. Auphan Software a Canadian based technology firm is proud to be chosen to be part of this landmark development.

More information can be found about the Canton Tower

Gift and Loyalty Reward Cards

Merchants using Auphan point of sale systems can now take advantage of the new gift and loyalty card program integrated with their system. Auphan's Gift and Loyalty Reward Card Program allows merchants to process gift and loyalty cards at any of their locations.

Auphan's gift cards are reloadable and offer an excellent way to promote and bring in more customers. Customers may combine gift and loyalty together.

It's easy to participate and rewards are attainable for free items, discounts, coupons, or any other non monetary reward for their patronage.

Customers can register online to order and pay using their gift cards, in addition check their card balance, review an reorder past orders quickly.

Repost May 19,2010

Approved PCI Compliant POS Vendor

Security Standards Auphan Software is an approved PCI Compliant POS Vendor for credit card security from the PCI Security Standards Council.

Auphan Software cares about your business and the security of your customers transactions. What is PCI DSS Compliance? PCI DSS Compliancy is a set of compliance requirements for enhancing payment account data security developed by the PCI Security Standards Council. This is developed by Visa, Mastercard, American Express and other financial institutions to help facilitate the adoption of data security measures to protect customer account data. In July 2010 merchants that use integrated processing will require POS Vendors and Payment Processors to be PCI Compliant.

Merchants are responsible for upgrading and complying with the rules set by the council on an annual basis at their store furthermore use PCI compliant systems for integrated payment processing.

Western Expo Showcases Auphan POS New Solutions

The Western Foodservice Hospitality Expo in San Diego is one of the most comprehensive marketplaces for professionals serving the hospitality industry on the West Coast. The QSR Web takes a looks at the latest trends in the point of sale system industry and how Auphan is helping restaurateurs and quick service establishments improve everyday operations through the use of the Internet and other solutions integrated with their point of sale system.

Customers are able to access and manage their restaurant remotely from the Web conveniently anywhere at any time, while away from the store. A vast majority of users are fully utilizing their system with its online capabilities by offering online and reservation services to their customers. Additional attachments allow customers to access and control remotely and onsite digital signage-menu boards, poster boards and customer displays using the software.

Users have a powerful and effective communication tool that directly ties in with the system. Accessible remotely and onsite, digital signage is a popular purchase with customers as it helps to enhance overall décor, pricing, product control, and communications on new offerings, special promotions, events and branding at the store. Auphan's president and CEO, Wayne Au comments that customers are coming up with great ideas to utilize the technology available.

Posted Oct 22, 2009

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We will also bring up industry news, ideas, opinions, and events, user tips on the system and random things about the business of food and technology so that you may improve or learn about what other people in the industry are doing.

We're excited and look forward to learning more about your business and to let you know about the new things that will be available in the future. Look forward to seeing your tweets!

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Get Ready for the Mobile Ordering Handheld on the iPod

Auphan Software is pleased to announce that Auphan Dining Mobile Handheld application for the Ipod has been approved and is now available for download at Apple's Application store.

Auphan Dining Mobile allows restaurant servers the ability use a handheld for ordering. The handheld is used in conjunction with the Auphan Dining POS System to place orders, view prices, apply discounts and send print orders to the kitchen or bar.

This application can be used on any iPhone or iTouch device. The iPhone complements the point-of-sale system to help improve speed of service at the table for users. Information available at: Auphan Dining Mobile at Apple iTunes (iTunes needed to view link, download here)

For more information on how you can activate Auphan Dining Mobile on your device please contact our office at 1-888-618-6688.

Post January 16, 2009

Auphan in the Tea Coffee Forecast 2009

Economic Tea Coffee Forecast 2009. As 2008 ends, Tea Coffee Trade Journal asked several key industry players of the industry for their thoughts on what 2009 will bring.

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Oftendining.com Goes Online

Oftendining.com takes online restaurant services to the next level with free online reservations, free online ordering and no extra terminals required. As if you needed another reason to choose Auphan Dining for your POS system!